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    How to make Yema (Custard Candy)

    Yema                  I didn’t know that making Yema is so simple. Try it when you get a chance!


    1 can condensed milk
    2 tbsps butter
    4 pcs egg yolks
    1 tbsp rum

    How to cook:

    1. Combine egg yolks and condensed milk in double boiler.

    2. Cook until thick, mixing continuously. Remove from heat. Add butter and rum. Cool.

    Source: http://www.filipinovegetarianrecipe.com/native_delicacies/turones_filipino_con_yema.php

    Yema version 2


    1 can condensed milk
    12 egg yolks


    1. Mix condensed milk and egg yolks in a sauce pan (a double boiler - which is basically a small pan inside a big pan containing water - works wonder for this).

    2. Cook mixture under medium - high heat, stirring continuously until the mixture coagulates and separates from the pan.

    3. Cool.

    4. Shape into pyramids and wrap with cellophane cut into squares.

    Source: http://www.ex-designz.net/recipedisplay.asp?rid=820

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